23: Food Food Food Part 2

in memoriam part two

Siena:  Pizzeria Trofea. Porcini and Sausage. Best pizza ever. I have so many pictures of various slices of this pizza that I ate over the course of five weeks. By the end of the trip the pizzeria lady started to give me the biggest slice/the slice with the most porcinis. It was the only three euro pizza at the two fifty place but it was so worth it. 
Cinque Terre: Pretzelly super salty bread and all I never need in my sandwiches is salami.

Roma: Super thin mushroom and sausage pizza. I think there was supposed to be olives on this one but I couldn't find any.

Roma: The only filling salad we could find in Italy. Avocado, salmon and rocket.

Firenze: Salmon and cream cheese bagels from the Deluxe Cafe. I was in love with their bagels
Train: Prosciutto cotto, pecorino and paprika pringles. (I love chip sandwiches).

Siena: Seafood cous cous. 

Siena: Tagliatelle with truffles. THis and the cheese filled gnocchi were my favourite. I originally ordered it just because the English translation on the menu simply called it "noodles to the hypocrite" and I thought that was funny (plus it had truffles) and I stand by ordering it because it was delicious, but my waiter was much nicer to my eating companion who ordered Sienese pici. 

Viena: We didn't have time to go on a gondola so I bought a pizza gondola and it was delicious. 

Venice: Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms. I'm easy. I have favourites.

Verona: Porcini mushroom pizza.
Siena: Wurstel! "Nev, why would you order that at the pizza place?"  "WURSTEL!"
Roma: Ravioli with cherry tomatos.

Siena: Last meal at the I Maestri. Seafood Spaghetti.
And finally, rest in peace Jeff Conaway, because he already got left out of the Emmys' in memoriam and that can't happen twice. 


  1. Are you simply trying to torture us at work without access to wonderful food? Ahhh, deliciousness!!! xx

  2. Everything here looks absolutely fantastic! Great pics!

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  3. This looks so yummy :) Nice blog, I'll be reading :)