21: I'm Back!!!

I had the worst internet in Italy. It was pretty decent at three in the morning, but I had to wake up for class at eight so that wasn't the best of times. 

I didn't eat that much gelato, but my favourite pictures are always of food or me eating food. I loved Italy. I never expected to love it as much as I did. I never expected to start liking pasta (I know, I know. Who was I?). But I do and I did and I'm happy to be home, and yet it's weird to not have to walk up seven hills to get anywhere. 

To be completely honest, I'm not one of those people who wants to pack up and move. I love to travel, but I love Toronto. The first weekend home involved greasy pad thai, $50 shoes that I could only find in Milan for 90 Euros, hugging my dog and drinking big-ass margaritas. I like it here. I think I'll stay. 

Three things that I have to continue doing in Toronto to make me as happy as I was in Siena:

1. Walk > Subway
2. Try new things on menus. Sometimes I just picked whatever had the funniest name.
3. Dance Dance Dance Dance!

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