Going to Start Writing Something Every Week to Get Me Jumpstarted

I haven't decided what Skyfall is yet. I don't think it's a James Bond movie, but I'm torn between Batman, Harry Potter or a Home Alone.

That is all for now. Watch and agree.


28: Misogyny and Me: Television for the Masses!

I've been catching up on my television and it's got me feeling like I should stop catching up on the television I used to watch and just continue watching the Wire instead. It's the only show I'm watching right now that isn't disapointing.

It's just all the gosh-darn misogyny. Jane Krakowski is the best actor/actress on 30 Rock and yet Kenneth is getting more and more screen time . Over half what he says is woman-bashing, but it's okay he's from small-town Georgia! It's not okay. It's not even funny. It's like Pete 2.0 in disgustingness.

Next is the Big Bang Theory, which I've never watched before, but got dragged into by the awesome Barenaked Ladies theme song. (I love theme songs, even when marathoning dvds I do not fast-forward theme songs!) I cannot get past Raj's misogyny, but it's okay, because he has that hilarious selective mutism where he can't even talk to women! Hilarious. It's not okay. I should know better than to expect anything less offensive than Two and a Half Men from Chuck Lorre.

Then Skins season six. They just ruined any half-way decent female character they had. Even the ones that weren't so likeable just became fodder for male character development. Like Minnie and her relationship with Alo. I don't think "big dick" is enough to make up for paedophile.

I think I'm just going to give up on sitcoms (except Parks and Recreation) and borrow the Sopranos and the Shield from the library. Premium cable shows might be more emotional and upsetting but they're somehow less offensive and depressing. 

At the moment my big exception is Sons of Anarchy, which seems to create strong female characters just to pit them against each other or have them beat up and torn apart by the lame male characters. My personal favourite is when Jacks beat up a stripper because he and Opie both slept with her when they were in "monogomous" relationships. What a slut. That's totally her fault!!   

I was going to watch the new season of Sherlock, but I've heard plenty of bad things about it on this front too and I just can't handle any more now. Plus my darling boyfriend spoiled the end of the season for me because "you've read all the books, isn't that the same thing?" Balls.

Urgh, I just want to dance. Two days of "serious no gluten, nev, seriously!" and I'm cranky.


27: Summer Resolutions!

Well, I got into the masters program I wanted and my final exam is on Wednesday. I want to spend this summer saving money/working and becoming a better version of me.


And to ensure that, I already have my ticket to Fiona's July concert.

There's a scene in the first episode of the second season of Miranda, "The New Me", where she says:

“I’m gonna be the kind of woman who, you know the kind of woman who just does that *shakes out hair* and their hair looks perfect. They then grab a homemade muffin out of their polka-dot biscuit tin and head to work wearing trainers at the bottom of a skirt suit to show off they’ve power-walked in. They have pot plants that don’t die on them. Their fruit bowl isn’t full of three week old rotting pears, because they actually eat the fruit. They have day bags, evening bags and a clutch. Y’know. They just grab a wheat-germ smoothie in-between work, because that’s enough to keep them going even though at lunch time they jogged and enjoyed it, because they don’t have flesh that moves independently to their main frame and finally they have easy access to pens to finish a crossword at the bar when the man they decided to take as a lover the night before says ‘hey, last night was great’. You know, I’ll be that kind of woman.”

Summer Resolutions!

1. Be Punctual!
2. Do not eat food that makes you sick/pass out (i.e. gluten!)
3. Do not go outside unless dressed like a fuctioning human!
4. Do physical activity! Become one of those healthy people you hear about in magazines.
5. Update blog regularly.

Generally, I just want to feel better. I'm sensitive to a lot of food and I get sick very often. I want to change that and while I'm at it, I should stop dressing in oversized hoodies and stop being late for everything. I feel like these are reasonable goals that will benefit me and everyone around me. Huzzah!

In a somehow related vein: why does poutine taste so much better than chilli cheese fries but photograph so much worse? I tried it for the first time the other day from Burger's Priest and was mega disapointed, but they looked so good. On the other hand, my poutine from Poutini's looks vile in photos, but was mega delicious. Oh Canada! 

Wish me luck!

(she says after posting photos of fries and while watching Laguna Beach season three, not even a good season)