03. it's raining, it's pouring, i can't take decent photos

$1 SODA SUMMER DAYS! BIGGER THAN MY HEAD (and my head is enormous).

Pants: Anthropologie Tank Top: Gap Cardigan: Gap Shoes: Converse

I think my photos are slightly less awkward when I am given a prop. 

Pant Details. Look at that bow! Look at that pattern! It's springtime!
Earrings: Greek Jewelery Shop in Athens. Greek alphabet. 
Necklace: One of those outdoor jewelery kiosks downtown. 

It's been super gross and rainy lately. I want to wear dresses, but the only warm day was the day of the charity run I did and so dresses were not a go.  Today I'm spending the day inside doing some work for my dad, so perhaps I'll break out a nice computer outfit. Until then...

here is a undisappointing visual image from a wholly disappointing season of Supernatural.



  1. I like your pants. Since you are now a fashion person, where do I get those cute dress pants that are kind of like MC hammer pants but not really, they are like a loose fit, but taper in to be more of a skinny pant leg... but definitely a loose fit. ? Know what I am talkin' boot bru?
    You know my contacts... or conveniently my e-mail is linked to my name!
    Also, clearly I am your #1 fan. I have commented on all your posts. You should somehow link this blog up to give people alerts when you have posted something new!

  2. if you mean Harem pants, like this:


    or this


    because i know that Joey has a pair from forever 21 and i have seen a lot in h&m lately but they have been SUPER patterned, like big bright blocky stripes and animal print. they have kind of been all over the place lately. i'll let you know if i see some somewhere specifically.

  3. nev's head as the new standard of soda pop container measurement.
    if it is not bigger than nev's head, it cannot contain sufficient coca cola.


  4. this is true, pressville, this is true.