25: Broken Computors and Blondie

I'm sick and pretending to write an essay, but at least I have found a solution to the second computer that has been broken under my watchful eye (my fault this time. red wine + keyboard = no blog posts). 

Also I am now platinum blonde. I would post pictures if I wasn't also sick and gross. 
For now, I will share the reason I am, once again, blonde. Even though there are clearly other colours that suit me better.

I think that the youtube recommendations would be a lot less successful if I was in charge.  Right now I am getting. "Gwen Stefani: What You Waiting For,  recommended because you watched Four In The Morning". It should really say "Gwen Stefani: Four In The Morning, recommended because you have just watched it 47 times in a row, and by now we have realized that you aren't going to switch to a new video". 

Take it under advisement. You're welcome, youtube.