24: Leopard Print and Sadness

Nevena: What did you do?
Big Al: I thought there was a footrest underneath the computor.
Nevena: There isn't. What did you do?
Big Al: I thought I was putting my feet on the foot rest.

Needless to say, I do not have a footrest underneath my computor. Al kicked something and my computer exploded*. This is to say that I am using my father's laptop and the amount of emotional attachment I have towards my computer is phenomenal and phenomenally pathetic. I miss it. I miss that my keys go a little higher like a typewriter. I miss the really old version of microsoft word that I have and understand. I miss doc. docx is a nightmare. Mostly I also miss having a printer. 

Somehow the death of my computer** triggered a domino effect and now all the printers in the house are broken.


This is my family. From the back to the front:

My mom: my floor length leopard print coat from Black Market.
My gramma: My three quartered length sleeved Talbots leopard print coat.
Me: My short, short sleeved leopard print coat from Anthropologie. 
My dog: Her leopard print coat from the Clothing Show. 

I have to go change, wearing skin tight snakeskin*** pants is not a good idea after eating tons of pulled pork sandwiches.

*Not literally. Just figuratively in the same way that my heart is now exploded from computor loss related sadness.

**The sad thing is that after typing computer seven times in this post, I still cannot spell it. The computer has to keep red underlining computor with two o's. Computer and beginning are the two words I cannot spell subconsciously, I have to stop and think about it every time. Yet I can spell subconsciously subconsciously. Figures.  

***Of course it's an animal/reptile print.


  1. I wanna be a part of your family!!!

  2. the family portrait is too adorable

  3. haha! love the shot of your family! so much leopard print, so beautiful ^.^ xxx


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  6. this family portrait is so good and fun :) great job!!



  7. great picture!! Love leopard print!! :)