01: nevena is a most excellent barbarian.

I wanted to write a blog about clothes and television. I might deviate, I might get distracted, but this was my initial goal. I'll probably lose focus when I come across burgers and arts&crafting, but I think that a little bit of that would be alright.

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Boots: Brown's. Pants: Urban Outfitters. Shirt: One of those "everything for $19.99!!" stores.

Posing is awkward and hard and this is the reason why my hair looks so messy. I tried numerous ridiculous poses before I was too tired to care anymore.

Example #1:  

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the headbanging pose

Example #2: 

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the "you've got to go dig those holes" pose


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Earrings: Ardene Daith CBR and Tragus post: bodyartforms.com Conch Plug: Industrial Strength via bodyartforms.com 

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Bracelet: Banana Republic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWatch: ClockworkUniverse @ Etsy Lipstick: Coral Chic Rimmel 

I've been coveting certain things blue lipstick from Manic Panic called After Midnight (which is out of stock), House of Holland suspender tights (which I will hopefully get after my first paycheck) and everything from Zara's glorious summer line, particularly something pink or orange. Maybe yellow.

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Lovely lovely lovely.

love nevena


  1. simply lovely. dad.

  2. qt patootie.
    you should headbang all the time!

  3. I'll be asking you for fashion advise!

  4. looks good...great site...keep it up!


  5. i am absolutely in agreement about the zara spring collection - i walked into the store the other day just to cheer myself up with the bright colours.

    - lirapeach