12: Big Head!!

I have been watching Swamp People. The History Channel show about gator hunters in Louisiana. In the first episode, one of the hunter groups was searching for the infamous Big Head, the biggest gator they had every seen before! Big Head, I thought. That could be my nickname. I could be infamous. 

this is troy. (spoiler alert) he caught big head. 

Proof That I Could be the Canadian City Dwelling Big Head:

Now this might appear to be photographic evidence that I have finally found a headband that fits my head without giving me a headache, but THAT WOULD BE AN INCORRECT GUESS. In fact, this is my sister's belt. 


they call me big head. 


  1. i so felt your pain yesterday - i was trying on fun turbans in urban outfitters and one popped off my head in stretched out protest.

  2. Headbands give me headaches in general. Did the ardene ones hurt?