09: Adventure!


Hat: The Hudson's Bay Company Sunglasses: H&M/Forever 21
(It's like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern , who can ever remember which is which?)

All you small-headed people don't know how easy you have it. It is so hard to find a Nev sized hat. Today we went on a visit to Historic Unionville founded in 1794. 

I took pictures of strangers' homes like a big creep and the car was moving so all my photos are slightly lopsided and I tried my amateur photoshop hardest to make it not so.

Historic Unionville Train Station!
It has felt like a small town Canada pop culture type of week and this day trip fit in pretty well. I imagine Anne Shirley getting off the train to meet Matthew Cuthbert and it looking a little something like this, except less decrepit.

That being said, my knowledge of Canadian pop culture regarding rural areas has been proven to be incredibly limited. 

It first became apparent when we were discussing "Canadian Celebrities" visiting workplaces.  My most exciting one was cashing out Colin Mochrie in an HMV. 

He always keeps a straight face! He is amazing! This isn't even one of those things where I'm biased because he is Canadian. I swear. 

Then my friend mentioned the time that the actress who plays Emily of New Moon's best friend came into her Shoppers Drug Mart and it was just so over my head. I could not tell you what the chick who played Emily looked like, let alone her best friend. I could barely get through those books. 

Then at work a few days ago, my co-worker burst into a big smile and whispered "Canadian celebrity!" (apparently, with Canadian Celebrities "Canadian" is a necessary precursor to the Celebrity part). Again, I did not recognize the woman, only to be asked "Jeez, didn't you ever watch Anne of Avonlea?" 

No, clearly I did not and yet I still get excited to make Anne of Green Gables allusions in Historic Unionville.

"Oh Diana, you are my bosom friend!"
Dress: H&M Belt: Gift Purse: one of those Bags Bags Bags! stores in the mall. Shoes: BIRKENSTOCKS!

"You'll find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair. People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." 
-Anne Shirley 


  1. i seriously am in love with that hat

    also anne of avonlea being the second movie? cos that was a sick movie. you should watch it fo sho

    AND i love yr dress.

  2. The Jerk from Dragons Den also does make frequent appearances in our store. Buying condoms and such... what a slooot.
    Cute hat. And I love the maxi dress.

  3. The jerk jerk? The Balding one?

  4. Oh the houses and area look so pretty. I love your hat!

  5. Colour, colour and more colour...you are so colourful!

    Love your choices!

  6. You make me smile! Great style.

  7. More reviews of books that you enjoy?!? I need more ideas from you.

    Home Queen

  8. A friend sent me your blog! Funny and enjoyable - nice mix of funky and old!