08. I am no longer the saddest person in this house!

Gloriosky! No, but really look at my sad face. My knee was messed up. My doctor had to "squeeze me in", which turned into "I am not familiar with this injury. Here is a pamphlet from the seventies on knee exercises and go across the street to the sports medicine doctor". Sometimes, I worry I am not getting the best possible healthcare our free healthcare system is offering! So I went across the street, booked an appointment, came back the next day and was told "you have runner's knee". I have literally run twice in the last month and now I have runner's knee. Pathetic. 

Even though my doctor told me I should not wear a knee brace, because it "tells the knee that it's cool to be weak", I wear one incredibly loosely on the days my knee really hurts AND THIS IS WHY! 

If you have a knee brace the bus driver will lower the bus for you so that getting off is easier! 
If you do not have a knee brace every single person trying to climb the stairs behind you will give you dirty looks and make ticked off noises because of how slow you are going!   

Ergo shorts lend well to knee brace outfits. 

Shirt: Anthropologie Blazer: Mendocino Shoes: Converse Shorts: Gap Knee Brace: Mum

This was my dance of "it can't get any worse than this, I suppose. It did, I totally sick a few days later. One of those "my throat hurts so bad I can't drink, eat, sleep or talk".
Originally the traditional flannel Grand-father shirt was designed for ease of wear for the Irish working man.

Big Al loves grandfather shirts (I can't even bring myself to post a picture, click on the link). He says that they are the perfect shirts. His reasoning is that mill workers used to wear them and they are extremely comfortable and durable. We rarely match outfitwise. However, this shirt semi-persauded me to go in for the no collar look, so I guess grandfather shirts have something going for them.

Earrings: Etsy

Fortunately, I passed my illness on to my sister and the two days of lying on the coach watching television and dying gave my knee time to rest up. Success! I don't know how people without siblings get healthy, it's so much faster when you have someone to pass it to. 

Now that I no longer look in the mirror and think I am wearing a wig, I fuckin' love my hair. It's so bright and I'm so ready for summer. I've already started a list of things I want to do before school starts. My main goal is to accidentally get a tan, as in "I'm having so much fun and being so outdoorsy that I am two shades darker and I didn't even try!" 

Television-wise, I just finished Being Human, Sherlock and Wonderfalls. I will post about them asap and I'm reading Hunger Games, because I want to know what everyone is talking about.


  1. Great look, honey!Love the blouse and the earrings!Sorry about the knee, I ve been there:-s

  2. How is hunger games?
    I still love the hair. I feel like more and more people are going red. It is crazy.... love the outfits. When did we start calling Alan Al? Totally throws me off!
    PS: Before you go away... which is in a while... we need to go to murale. I have a list, and it is not going to buy itself!

  3. How big is this list? The Hunger Games is alright. It was a fast read and entertaining but I don't think I'd ever read it again.