05. new hair

I'm still in "holy shit, am i wearing a wig?" phase, but that'll pass.

Big Al and I have turned into the saddest possible couple: he messed up his leg at the 5k run last weekend, I did something to my knee yesterday. We're both limping and stairs are a nightmare. Hopefully tomorrow the podiatrist will be able to fix me (also known as "do not put off picking up your orthopedic insoles for two months. Being flat footed is a semi-real condition, Nevena!")  

I'm working on my next text focused post: it is entirely about Playboy and entirely unscandalous. What a feat! (Although it will probably be delayed by a mountain of photos of the mountain of pastries my gramma and I are making tomorrow). 


  1. oh my goodness!
    you look so cute.

    - lirapeach

  2. and i appreciate the nod to axl
    (just don't do corn rows)

  3. kinda makes me want to get orange hair. :P

  4. Amazing hair -- and sunglasses! Love them on you. xo style, she wrote

  5. What a great blog - I learned so much about Playboy!!!
    Love your hair and your style!

  6. Love your site! Beautiful thoughts and great fashion statements!