19: Siblings -Shit On It! Shit On It! I Love My Sister.

Right now I'm working 11.5 hour days and reading Pretty Little Liars on the 50 minute commute there and back. 

Ergo in the few minutes I have before I pass out at night, I've needed a bit of a pick-me-up and what with all the dysfunctional sibling relationships in Pretty Little Liars (sisters pushing each other down stairs, sisters killing each other et cetera et cetera) I've been rewatching Friday Night Lights.

Johnny and Adam are one of my favourite siblings on television. 
I get very emotional seeing siblings on TV. Whenever I'm watching a hospital show and someone's crying over their sibling I feel the need to call and make sure my sister is okay. Whenever I'm watching a crime procedural show and there has been a case of fratiricide or sororicide (I had to look that up, who knew it was called that?) I feel the urge to call my sister and let her know that even if she stole my favourite toy, I would never kill her. 

It's nice to see siblings getting along, even if their method of getting along is mostly just pranking each other every Friday night dinner. 


Because no matter how much salt your brother puts in your water, he is still your brother and five minutes later, everything is right as rain and you can hang out in the garage together drinking non-alcoholic "children's lager". 

Here is the first half of the first episode. Watch watch! Enjoy. There are only six episodes, easy to demolish in  one sitting.

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